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Heroic and strong (banana)

Features and efficacy:According to the nutritional requirements of bananas, this product is a high-efficiency root and soil activator made from natural endogenous auxin, fulhumic acid, algin, amino acids, beneficial bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, magnesium, zinc and other components by high-tech chelating and refining。
Unique and significant effect:

1, promote the development of banana roots, improve root vitality, make the root head hypertrophy, multiple roots strong, large thick green leaves。

2, eliminate banana root "fertilizer aversion" and "dyspepsia", promote fertilizer absorption and utilization。

3, activate the activity of a variety of enzymes, improve banana drought resistance, flood resistance, cold resistance。

4, rot loose improve the soil, release the compaction, activate the activity of the soil。

How to use:Shaking water 400-600 times irrigation or spraying, it can also be mixed with non-alkaline pesticides or fertilizers, and the effect is obvious。The stock solution is highly concentrated, do not directly pour the stock solution。(Precipitation does not affect the effect)

Product Specifications: (25 kg/barrel) (5000 ml *4 bottles) (1000 ml *8 bottles)


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